• 2020.02.11

    The Pygmalion Effect and How it Affects Your Business

    Have you noticed that when managers express positive behaviors towards employees, their performance increases? This is caused by the Pygmalion effect. You must have heard of this “self-fulfilling prophecy” before or even practiced it in your homes, workplace and businesses.So, What then is the Pygmalion effect?The name Pygmalion stems from the Greek myth of Pygmalion. The Pygmalion effect [...]

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    The role of Branding for Shared Economy Businesses

    (and essentially any business, actually.) First things first. What is a Shared Economy Business. Shared Economy Business – otherwise referred to as peer economy, gig economy or collaborative economy –is best described as a community-based online platform that allows buyers and sellers to connect by providing and sharing access to assets and services. The advent of the internet and use of big [...]

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    4 Instagram Layout Ideas

    and more! Everyone knows that instagram is an amazing tool for business. But do you really know how to use it efficiently in ways that makes your business grow? Well, knowing it or not, our creative team has separated infallible tips that can help you with your business. FIRST THINGS FIRST. Nobody wants to buy clothes in a store where everything is disorganized and messy. Using this [...]

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    Architecture – Main building tool in the history of mankind

    Desde o momento em que a humanidade aprendeu a cultivar e criar seu próprio alimento, o homem fincou raízes na terra, deixando de ser nômade para se apropriar do espaço físico, dominá-lo e modifica-lo de acordo com sua necessidade. Isso permitiu o acúmulo de riqueza, divisão de tarefas entre os indivíduos do mesmo grupo e o surgimento da necessidade de viver em coletivo. Sendo assim o [...]

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