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    4 Instagram Layout Ideas

    and more!

    Everyone knows that instagram is an amazing tool for business. But do you really know how to use it efficiently in ways that makes your business grow?

    Well, knowing it or not, our creative team has separated infallible tips that can help you with your business.


    Nobody wants to buy clothes in a store where everything is disorganized and messy.

    Using this analogy, it’s easier to understand why you have to take care of your feed as if it were a showcase of your business.

    Even if you offer services instead of products, it is important to keep it consistent with your brand and  ideals you believe in and want to convey to your customer.

    First step: You have to decide the layout that your feed will have.

    Ok. But what is this layout?

    The layout is what will define the pattern and organization of your feed. For example:


    Horizontal lines:

    In this layout, you share your product (or service) in three consecutive horizontal posts.


    This is one of the layouts, which in my opinion, is the easiest. In this option, you post alternate posts. One of the ways to make this happen is to alternate phrases with images. Like this:


    This pattern consists of adding some type of frame in your images. It’s very simple but it can be complicated as well. It is important to note that the pictures inside the frame must be consistent to with your brand.

    At this point you must be asking yourself: Okay, I get the idea. But there’s more than just layout  So what else is missing?

    We have 4 tips on how to organize your feed effectively.

    1 – Avoid being repetitive.

    Avoid using the same type of photo in sequence, unless you have chosen a layout for your grid that follows this pattern. Pictures with the same type means: Pictures of the same product in sequence, quote followed by quote and so on.

    2 – Chose a theme!

    Similar filter/editing style helps you have a consistent flow to your feed. That doesn’t mean you can only use one type of filter but having a set style will help you with the aesthetic and therefore, your brand recognition. Apps like VSCO CAM and Lightroom are awesome for editing pictures on your phone! I would definitely recommending checking them out.

    3 –  Background makes a huge impact!

    No, it’s not just the product that matters. It is important that the background of your pictures is organized and clean. Keeping it clean and concise, will help your feed to not be loaded with unnecessary visual information and stressful in the eyes of your customer.

    4-  Keep your Color pallete Consistent!

    Every brand has a color palette that represents it, and yours does too! Choose one of the colors of your palette that you want to be present in your feed

    Colors will help you to express the ideals and feelings that your brand has. Want a well-known example? The fast food chain Mcdonalds abuses red, which is already known to be strongly related to the feeling of hunger. However, in some countries, Mcdonalds has the color GREEN, as it has a more organic and “healthy” look.

    If you still think you need more help and a more comprehensive training on how to use social media for your business and turn followers into sales, contact us! We can help you.

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