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  • What are the three pillars of a brand?

    When we think of big brands, we automatically remember a slogan, jingle or campaign that marked us. It doesn’t have to go very far, brands like Apple, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are fixed in our minds and what built this, in addition to years of history, was good branding management. Building a brand can be compared […]

    What is creative economy and how is it developing in 2020?

    Creative economy is a concept that defines ideas and businesses that are driven by cultural, creative and intellectual capital. The market that involves creative economy initiatives is called creative industries and they involve actions and activities that are related to the production and distribution of creative and often alternative products and services. The concept of […]

    What is Feng Shui?

    Within the theory of Feng Shui, the spatial reorganization of a residence promotes a greater balance between yin yang, activating the circulation of energies, maintaining what is positive and releasing what is negative. This current of thought originated in China more than 4000 years ago and literally means wind and water. Its masters and scholars […]

    Why should I invest in digital marketing?

    The consequences of the crisis caused by COVID-19 in the world are still uncertain, but there are already some effects, many of which are already present in our daily lives. People’s behaviors changed when facing a scenario where no one is 100% safe from contracting this virus, and with that, human relationships have also changed. […]

    The Pygmalion Effect and How it Affects Your Business

    Have you noticed that when managers express positive behaviors towards employees, their performance increases? This is caused by the Pygmalion effect. You must have heard of this “self-fulfilling prophecy” before or even practiced it in your homes, workplace and businesses.So, What then is the Pygmalion effect?The name Pygmalion stems from the Greek myth of Pygmalion. The […]

    The role of Branding for Shared Economy Businesses

    (and essentially any business, actually.) First things first. What is a Shared Economy Business. Shared Economy Business – otherwise referred to as peer economy, gig economy or collaborative economy –is best described as a community-based online platform that allows buyers and sellers to connect by providing and sharing access to assets and services. The advent […]

    4 Instagram Layout Ideas

    and more! Everyone knows that instagram is an amazing tool for business. But do you really know how to use it efficiently in ways that makes your business grow? Well, knowing it or not, our creative team has separated infallible tips that can help you with your business. FIRST THINGS FIRST. Nobody wants to buy […]

    Architecture – Main building tool in the history of mankind

    Desde o momento em que a humanidade aprendeu a cultivar e criar seu próprio alimento, o homem fincou raízes na terra, deixando de ser nômade para se apropriar do espaço físico, dominá-lo e modifica-lo de acordo com sua necessidade. Isso permitiu o acúmulo de riqueza, divisão de tarefas entre os indivíduos do mesmo grupo e […]

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