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  • 2020.07.08

    Why should I invest in digital marketing?

    The consequences of the crisis caused by COVID-19 in the world are still uncertain, but there are already some effects, many of which are already present in our daily lives.

    People’s behaviors changed when facing a scenario where no one is 100% safe from contracting this virus, and with that, human relationships have also changed.

    The digital transformation we are experiencing is the cause and the consequence of changing our habits and routines. There was a normal, and now we are living the “new normal” in society in the prolonged period of the pandemic.

    Simple tasks have been changed and reframed. Things like locomotion, food, entrance, purchase, study and other things, they are being modified day by day to come into line with measures to protect the organs responsible for global health.

    Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs were the ones who felt the most and still feel the impacts and losses in their revenues with the weakening of sales, caused by social isolation. With an economic crisis that worsens with each passing day, consumers have changed their consumption habits, and even how much they are willing to spend. As a result of this, the search for digital sales solutions has increased dramatically since March, and this is a sign of beyond the pandemic and its consequences, having well-defined digital marketing strategies is important for survival in the market.

    We can list several advantages in implementing digital marketing management for the life and survival of a company, regardless of its size and segment.
    Investing in digital marketing will only bring profits to your business, but investing in digital strategies will benefit your company as a whole and increase your profits.

    Having a good digital marketing strategy in addition to adding value to your business will:

    1- Align your brand with market trends;

    2- Improve the way and how much your brand will be exposed on the internet;

    3- boosts sales of your product or service, narrows communication with customers and facilitates the sales process.

    Brands with good positioning and good references in the market have products and services with multiple added values.

    In digital marketing the company finds ways and tools to better sell what you need. You will not sell the product as just one more, you will sell a product highlighting its benefits and structured strategy This, in addition to improving your sales, improves the company’s image and directs it correctly to your potential customers.

    We are in a globalized world and that means everything is or will be on the internet at some point.

    Social networks are present in people’s lives, and they have become spokespersons for everything and everyone. And your company must be in them.

    With networks you can express yourself freely and communicate directly and personalized with your audience. Nowadays companies are more alive and active on platforms and sharing not only their products and services, but also diverse content, information about the company and its employees. This humanized relationship is important because it demonstrates credibility, and this generates engagement.

    Ready to transform your business?

    Start with your brand.
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