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    Imagine the legal cannabis market as a city of endless opportunities hidden in an impassable jungle. A select few are able to enter by expending massive wealth to fly over the tree-line. The remainder – are stopped by fear of the unknown, hungry predators, and losing their way.

    Those admirable few who manage to make it after risking their life arrive in a new environment, without resources, and where a single mistake can result in permanent exile.

    MyGN changes everything and the launch campaign “Go Green The Way You Want” highlights that. First cannabis coworking in Southern California, MyGN have paved a direct path that runs directly through the jungle into that city of dreams with no hassle.
    An unique chance to Go Green the Way You Want.

    The campaign focused on strengthening the feeling of autonomy and freedom that the so-called Green Leaders (coworking users) have when using the service.

    With the goal of creating a global network of thriving cannabis businesses empowered and driven by community and leadership, MyGN focuses on making the process of getting your cannabis license accessible. As cannabis ads are prohibited by the US federal law, the campaign focused on organic reach through social media and events related to cannabis entrepreneurship. The products emphasized the brand values: Leaders. Empowering. Community.

    We Transform Things.

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